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You Are What You Love

not what loves you back

31 August
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alfred angelo bridal, anthropologie, anthropology, atx, baking, being a workaholic, cold weather in texas, completely useless celebrity gossip, crushing on indiefucks, deathcab for cutie, designer glasses, deviance studies, e.e. cummings, eating expensive cheeses, english literature, first world problems, flirting in traffic, freudian analysis, george orwell, graduate school, high fives, hot asian boys, incarnate word, interpreting minimalist art, lighting too many candles, literotica.com, making lists, multitasking, muse, not updating my ipod, okgo, perezhilton.com, philosophy, piebald, psychology, questionable content the comic, rainy days in march, reading, seeing movies by myself, shoes, shopping when i shouldn't, sleeping all day, slutty private school girls, stockpiling books, straylight run, sushi, the wedding industry, the yeah yeah yeahs, wine